Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Serving it up

Isn't it about time that we got the mainframe to actually serve up something useful - you know, in a server kind of way.

Working in a support role, a common task involves checking the output of previous jobs via ISPF - and, more specifically SDSF. Well naturally, there's always a better way.

For a while now (must check when), z/OS has provided an FTP interface to the JES facilities. This allows for all sorts of goodness:

  • being able to list jobs
  • retrieving all output datasets for a job
  • submitting jobs.
... all from the comfort of your FTP client!

What's that? You'd rather use SDSF than an FTP command line to inspect output. Of course you would. But what if you could craft a custom Java interface! Now we're talking. Say tuned for more details.