Saturday, December 24, 2011

TweetBot UI

After the recent changes to the official Twitter iPhone app, I've done as others have - and looked at options.

At the moment, I'm trying TweetBot - self described as a Twitter app with personality.

And I'm really liking it. The transitions, animations and sounds make for an enjoyable experience.

But, there's a few little things which I think would improve it even further - one of which has been annoying me slightly (disproportionately to it's actual impact) - and that's the shape of the custom back button.

Let me illustrate ... here's a comparison shot between TweetBot - and the standard iOS back button:

I've highlighted the "problem" area - which shows:

  • the standard button has a much steeper angle, and finishes with a slight curve to the line
  • the TweetBot button is essentially a straight line (of a shallower angle) with a small curve at the end.
Like I said - not  a major issue. But every time I see it, I think how it would be nice to have it as the standard shape.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Commuting with Helvetica

Wow, Queensland Rail have recently upgraded their corporate branding - but it's only now that they seem to be rolling out the new station identities:

New Station Signage

And, they seem to have chosen Helvetica for the station signage as well - one of my favourite fonts. Who would have thought we would finally get some good design in our every day commuter life?

Strangely enough, some stations which have recently received new signs have had a similar version - but in italics! Quite bizarre. I'll update the post when I can take a picture.