Saturday, December 24, 2011

TweetBot UI

After the recent changes to the official Twitter iPhone app, I've done as others have - and looked at options.

At the moment, I'm trying TweetBot - self described as a Twitter app with personality.

And I'm really liking it. The transitions, animations and sounds make for an enjoyable experience.

But, there's a few little things which I think would improve it even further - one of which has been annoying me slightly (disproportionately to it's actual impact) - and that's the shape of the custom back button.

Let me illustrate ... here's a comparison shot between TweetBot - and the standard iOS back button:

I've highlighted the "problem" area - which shows:

  • the standard button has a much steeper angle, and finishes with a slight curve to the line
  • the TweetBot button is essentially a straight line (of a shallower angle) with a small curve at the end.
Like I said - not  a major issue. But every time I see it, I think how it would be nice to have it as the standard shape.